ARTE MOBILIA, S.L.has manufactured classic furniture for over 12 years using craft techniques and exclusive designs. Nowadays, we have focussed our production in our office furniture series; having achieved one of the most complete, elegant and top quality ranges in its style, for management offices, conference rooms and any workplace. To achieve this, we use fine woods and innovate materials, both in the structures and in the furniture’s finished: materials such as natural beech, massed and middle density boards, ashtree root veneers, tooled black boxwood and cherry wood bands; All this gives our furniture lines , a look of sole distinction

By searching the best efficiency and functionality, purpose of our furniture, we polish it with hidroalcoholic colouring which gives our furniture the desired tone, polyacrilic background of great hardness and transparency and polyurethane finished. Besides, we offer you a wide alternative of different upholstery finished, table and furniture tops, either in natural leather or simil leather, with a golden border inlay

Finally, considering your own convenience, we use the most functional techniques in office furniture manufacture, such as gas pistons, swivel and tip up systems, rubber wheels with brass support for the armchairs; automatic locks, metal drawers with precision guides, great toughness wheels and brass fittings for the furniture.


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