Ernestomeda has been famed since its foundation in 1996 for sophistication and elegance with exquisite design, offering the consumer market fine but not unaffordable kitchens featuring carefully crafted details, quality, safety and environment-friendliness.
The corporate mission, centred from the outset on outstanding design and quality, is reflected by constant stylistic and technological innovation, creating an unconventional, personalised beauty, founded on excellence, meticulous production and quality of materials. For Ernestomeda, beauty is not the privilege of the few, but rather a common heritage that lives in the experiences, memories and dreams of every individual, with the kitchen, the room where people come together and share every day, its key point of expression.

Ernestomeda products are conceived in global programmes rather than versions, favouring transversal finishes and layout solutions. The programmes now available are: Carr?, Barrique, Elektra, ElektraVetro, Silverbox, Emetrica, ONE, ONE+, Fusion, Seventy, Verve, Solaris and Supr?me. All of these include a vast number of variables: HP Laminate, very practical due to high resistance to scratches and abrasions, the extremely popular plywood, the sophisticated lacquer or the warm American Walnut veneer, and the characteristic shades of Cherry, Oak, Dark Oak, Warm Grey Oak, Tobacco Oak, Italian Walnut, TK and open-pore white lacquered Ash.

Stainless steel and aluminium are also available for trendy solutions. The work tops, made to measure, are in laminate, plywood, veenered, marble, granite, quarz, okite, Corian® and stainless steel.

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