Georgetti is a company founded in Meda, Italy, a province not far from Milan known for it’s furniture craftspeople. I don’t know if any readers have been to Italy. Maybe you even live in Italy and know this already. Italy is a country stuffed with the finest craftspeople. I have never seen so many well produced products made with such ease. Of course, I would imagine that people in Italy would tell you that craft has really dropped off as an art and a profession in Italy. These people should be happy with what they got because they probably have never seen the state of American craft. Don’t get me started.



So the Home Collection cabinet…  I should mention that the home collection is actually a modular system. There are two base legs. One short and one tall. And then there are 3 table / console tops. This creates a collection that is very consistent, but each piece retains a unique character so much so that the piece are almost subconsciously consistent. It’s kind of like seeing a father and son together. You’re not necessarily sure their related but there’s something indescribable that brings them together. The design itself reflects several influences. The fluidity of the doors is almost an abstracted art deco movement while the legs certainly feel Danish, or looking further back, ancient Japanese.

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