Experience over time and passion for things done well, became art. For 55 years our collaborators have created impeccable craftsman kitchens from every point of view. As in a high atelier, where details and finishing sign the uniqueness of each creation, our kitchens are the work of expert and careful hands that, following contemporary style, are always in step with the latest trends in design. They are therefore the result of continues search for beauty, high technology and the best performances. It is like made-to-measure clothing, dressing the most beautiful houses with style.



We implement the most recent technologies pursuing the highest handcraft standards. We employ people whose professional skills are supported by deep-rooted tradition.
Based both on the experience acquired by a number of generations and the most up-to- date technology, we are able to offer the highest quality products to our customers.



Snaidero belongs to a Group of international dimensions with a varied sales structure, focusing on Retail, Franchising and B2B lines. Today, it is the largest Italian group operating on the international scene and among the leading live European manufacturers of kitchens. The Group has based its path of expansion on a clearly specialized vocation for its designs, here internationalization has always been synonymous with openness, intercultural awareness and ongoing innovation. Today, the Snaidero Group is an international federation of companies focusing on excellence for the production and distribution of modular kitchens.






Pedini has a leading role in the history of the kitchen design world, for over fifty years. In these years, Pedini has evolved from handcrafted craftsmanship to state of the art technology and materials, keeping perfectly in tune with our constantly evolving modem lifestyles.

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MODULNOVA S.r.l, a furnishing firm, was set up in 1988, under the guidance of the Presotto family, who had started making furniture in 1949. The corporate mission is to craft increasingly innovative furniture both materials-wise and as far as productive systems are concerned, and to bring about a creative type of design, featuring essential lines. Modulnova’s modular kitchens are carefully devised by intensely focusing on details, finishes, accessories and assembly. Sophistication, style and elegance distinguish our trademarks — Modulnova Cucine, Modulnova Bagni (launched in 2000) and md HOME, a new line set up in 2011 and involving the out-of-the-kitchen parts of houses.

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Sangiacomo ? un’azienda che ha conquistato il successo proprio grazie al coraggio, alla creativit?, e alla passione con la quale ha lavorato per   raggiungere gli obiettivi fissati.
Costruire nel tempo un sempre migliore rapporto tra la qualit? dei nostri prodotti e il loro prezzo.
Gi? oggi l’alta qualit? della sua produzione rende SanGiacomo competitiva nei principali paesi Europei, dove ? requisito primario per il successo. Il contiuno miglioramento della performance e degli investimenti nella ricerca e nello sviluppo rappresentano l’impegno irrinunciabile di un’azienda che vuole mantenere sempre elevata la soddisfazione dei suoi clienti. Читать далее

Итальянская мебель Martini Mobili — максимум разнообразия.

Это по-настоящему успешный бренд, узнаваемый и почитаемый во всем мире. Вот уже пятьдесят лет итальянская компания Martini Mobili изготавливает мебель, которая позволяет создать действительно стильный, функциональный и комфортабельный интерьер.

Среди большого ассортимента мебели можно увидеть самые разные коллекции, включая классику и современное направление, поэтому создавать дизайн интерьера с Martini Mobili можно в любом помещении. Это оригинальная и очень качественная мебель для спальных комнат и гостиных, для обустройства ванных и гардеробных. Она создаст особенную атмосферу в деловом кабинете, подчеркивая хороший вкус его владельца.

Залог успеха и востребованности продукции Martini Mobili в ее безупречном качестве и эффектном дизайне. Мягкая мебель и прихожие, комоды и кровати помогут создать максимально комфортную обстановку. Кухонные гарнитуры отвечают самым высоким требованиям заказчика.

За пятьдесят лет деятельности компания ни разу не отошла от своих высоких стандартов, поэтому сегодня эту фабрику можно назвать одной из лучших в Италии. В каком бы интерьере не использовалась мебель Martini Mobili, она всегда создаст в помещении обстановку комфорта и уюта. Благодаря высокому качеству каждый предмет долго прослужит своему владельцу.

Хотите иметь функциональную кухню, комфортную спальню, роскошный кабинет и удобный гардероб? Тогда Martini Mobili- это то, что вам нужно.


A huge choice The range of products offered by the Del Tongo Group is articulated towards several elements of constant quality: from an excusive design to the artisan care put into all production stages, from the level of reliability that only a large company can guarantee, to the real possibility of product personalisation. These are just some of the outstanding qualities of a range of products, from kitchens to programmes and accessories for the night area, solutions for contract destined for public and private spaces. The Del Tongo Group, a huge choice.



Ernestomeda has been famed since its foundation in 1996 for sophistication and elegance with exquisite design, offering the consumer market fine but not unaffordable kitchens featuring carefully crafted details, quality, safety and environment-friendliness.
The corporate mission, centred from the outset on outstanding design and quality, is reflected by constant stylistic and technological innovation, creating an unconventional, personalised beauty, founded on excellence, meticulous production and quality of materials. For Ernestomeda, beauty is not the privilege of the few, but rather a common heritage that lives in the experiences, memories and dreams of every individual, with the kitchen, the room where people come together and share every day, its key point of expression.

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Concreta, торговая марка Diesis s.r.l., — это тосканская промышленная компания, утвердившаяся в течение последних 10 лет, которая производит и распространяет кухонную мебель в классическом и современном стиле. Чувствительность компании к стилю жизни молодой, подготовленной и требовательной публики, привело Concreta к специализации в линии товара современного и привлекательного, соответствующего тенденциям по имиджу и всегда доступного. Производственное оборудование высокой технологии, передовые методы управления, и в особенности подготовленный и эффективный персонал, мыслящий позитивно согласно тенденциям, обеспечивают нашим клиентам постоянную поддержку и максимальное качество обслуживания.