THE EUROMOBIL GROUP, AN EXTRAORDINARY CASE HISTORY. When we consider the history of the past 30 years, we are struck by the extraordinary changes that have occurred in the way we live, produce and think throughout the world. Euromobil has grown in this backdrop of rapid, continuous change.

The group’s gradual development is the result of the ability to foresee change and to reach the rels it has set for itself. Established in 1972 by Antonio, Gaspare, Fiorenzo and Giancarlo Lucchetta, the story of Euromobil is a remarkable “case history”, even in the context of the regional business world, which is full of examples of successful model industries. The story has to do with a company that began with the size and mentality of a small business, yet whose management has made such farsighted decisions that it has become one of the largest industrial groups in the difficult home furnishing business. “We have changed the very concept of furniture making”, explains Gaspare Lucchetta as he discusses Euromobil, the parent company of the Group, “and turned a “factory” into a veritable centre of design and consulting services for home furnishing, with the production of custom-made kitchens in short delivery terms that make the difference. Among the goals we can say we have achieved (although we are certainly not resting on our laurels), the most important has been the industrial optimisation of home furnishing products, which has enabled us to offer a more balanced quality/price ratio. Our next most important rel has been the introduction of first-class service, because we know that our customers value prompt, efficient service probably more that anything else. And we can say that we have created a highly recognisable image that effectively communicates the value of our products to the general public”. The importance of a global presence on the market – and the concrete advantages that offering a comprehensive product line provides customers – has prompted Euromobil to extend its range of products. As a result, kitchens can be accompanied by modular furniture produced by Zalf since 1974 and by the upholstered furniture that became available when D?sir?e joined the group in 1995. Now consolidated into a highly diversified organisation, the Euromobil Group operates with an expanded product line and greater market penetration skills. Although each company has retained its own organisation and its own specific know-how, there has been an internal transfer of experience in different technical skills and in the way products are handled and distributed. And above all, the companies in the group have co-ordinated their efforts to offer furnishing solutions with a consistent design that follows a unified production concept. The latter is distinguished by modularity, solid quality, essential elegance and all Euromobil solutions are reled to appeal to the same broad group of consumers. 

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