Many years ago, in the heart of Veneto, a “very special” company was established:  Moletta & Co.

Over the years, a passion has become a treasure chest of stylistic knowledge, attention to quality and efficient production. These combined values are internationally acknowledged as the successful features of “Made in Italy” products.

Moletta & Co. began as a company specialised in the top of the range kitchen sector, with refinement, elegance and quality as the distinguishing features of its products. The company soon established its position on the international scene as a leading producer of “Made in Italy” products. The value-added features of the company have contributed to placing it in an excellent position. The products in the Moletta & Co. collections are entirely handcrafted by master woodworkers, using high quality materials. All products are entirely made in Italy.

With their elegant lines, Moletta & Co. custom-made kitchens, which are always made of solid wood and embellished with gold and silver leaf details, are the company’s core business. These unique creations are intended to fulfil the needs and dreams of all its customers.

Ongoing research into new designs, the development of quality, the experience of master craftsman and the creativity and professionalism of a specialised team of managers are all part of a winning formula aimed at encouraging expansion in foreign markets, where the new Moletta & Co. collections are extremely highly appreciated.

In 2010, Moletta & Co. created “Italian Atelier”, a space entirely devoted to fabrics and finishes for interiors so that our refined customers can find all the furnishings they require.

Azienda #01

The company did not embark on this “new adventure” by chance but after over thirty years of experience in the textile sector. Moletta & Co. belonged to a group that already owned 2 factories producing yarns and fabrics.

Passion, research, experience, professionalism and quality have always been the main features of our company’s creative processes: every day we pursue excellence to remain 100% “Made in Italy”.

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